Corporate Employees Training

Organizations become effective when the employees are efficient and productive. Making the workforce more efficient, productive and committed to the goals of the organization is the key challenge which an organization faces now.
We, AICE will help them towards achieving the status of an effective team player and concerned organizational citizen. It is our aim that every employee becomes the ambassador of the organization!

Salient feature of our Corporate Training programme

* Associated with the best and dedicated trainers in the industry.
* Flexible training programme which can be shaped upon the business requirement.
* Training sessions can be arranged at onsite or offsite location based on business convenience.
* A wide range of training and professional development programs to choose from.
* Training provided on Leadership, Management, Communication skills, Presentation skills, Stress management and lots more.
* We do training need assessment among the employee to pick the right training module.
* Every training session is a customized programme for us. So our training modules are designed keeping in mind your specific requirements

Some of the Specialized Training Areas

1. Communication skills with impact

Key Objectives:

1. Increasing confidence for communication
2. Understanding how communications work
3. Managing assumptions more effectively
4. Gaining active listening skills
5. Difficult people or situations
6. Personal Impact on group
7. Dealing with crisis

2. Stress Management

Key Objectives

1. Understand common causes of stress
2. Identifying pressure at work and home.
3. Characteristics of well managed stress
4. Setting clear boundaries
5. Improving Interpersonal skills

3. Work Life Balance

1. Support in the areas of:

1. Assertiveness
2. Leadership
3. Effective Communication
4. Management skills
5. Interpersonal skills
6. Time Management



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